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    Gripper Grabber

    The Gripper Grabber is basically used to insure a good snug fit for jointed cues.

    Over the years I have often seen both men and women players struggling to take their cues apart. I am told that change in temperature can cause a cue to tighten or loosen what ever the case may be. With this in mind I felt a product that grips like my caddy would be a great asset in helping alleviate this problem.

    The whole idea to having a good snug fit is to create a good solid hit on the cue ball. When using the Gripper Grabber with this intent in mind we suggest, assembling your cue as you normally would. Then placing the smooth side of the Grabber around the cue shaft gently snugs it together. Reverse this process to disassemble. I think you will experience a totally different hit when playing.

    But wait a minute - that's not all the Gripper Grabber can do for you. Here are some other useful suggestions from my customers:

    • Lumberyard workers find it works well when carrying wallboard and plywood sheets.
    • Electricians and telephone linemen use it to pull wire.
    • Fireman during rescue operations found it being a great help when holding line.
    • My wife uses it to open small pesky jar lids.
    • Bow hunters find it great for removing arrows.

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